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What we do

In the Colombian Pacific, two contracting realities coexist. The first is the reality of violence, abandonment, and historical segregation to which the Afro-Colombian populations who live there have been exposed.

The second is that it is a territory full of magic and resistance, inhabited by communities that vibrate with music and dance, keeping alive the traditions of their ancestors. Their roads are the rivers and mangroves, where they spend their days fishing and working the land. Their cuisine has an unmatched seal and flavor, they are skilled in creating crafts and cure themselves with ancestral drinks that they prepare with jungle plants.

Marimbea is an organization created in 2016 with the mission of contributing to the community's well-being in the south of the Colombian Pacific through the design and commercialization of experiences where people immerse themselves in music, dance, cuisine, and other ancestral knowledge of this region. All our activities generate alternative sources of income, exchange of knowledge, and growth of strategic partnerships for people who work with culture and tourism in the region, generating an impact in changing the narratives of a territory stigmatized by violence, and also generating of income opportunities, and dignifying the community and its ancestral practices.

our team


Adrian Sabogal

Fundador y Director Ejecutivo


Jose Cardona

Diseñador gráfico - Vibra Pacífico


Juan Carlos Mindinero

Gestor Municipal Tumaco - Vibra Pacífico


Eder Javier Camacho

Gestor Municipal Guapi - Vibra Pacífico


Carlos Valencia

Asistente de contenidos audiovisuales.


Gaviota Acevedo

Coordinadora Pedagógica y social


Edwin Ospina



Ruth Elena Cabezas

Gestora Municipal Barbacoas - Vibra Pacífico


Mario Mendoza

Líder de experiencias y encargado de comunicaciones


Ana María Parra

Editora de contenidos y prensa


Andrés Santiago Moreno

Asesor legal


Diego Balanta

Gestor Municipal Timbiquí- Vibra Pacífico


Rodrigo Echeverría

Practicante, asistente logístico

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