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Relevant publications from national and international media about Marimbea's work

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4-page article in the most important print media in the World Music market in the UK and Europe

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Full page article in one of the most important print media in Colombia, the newspaper El Espectador for the delivery of the Spirit Of Folk award

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Rhythm Passport (UK)

To save the world you have to start somewhere… And what's better than the smooth and soothing sound of a marimba as an inception?

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Recognition as a successful case of a Cultural, Community and Nature Tourism project that contributes to the construction of Peace in the Pacific. 

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Sounds and Colors (UK)

Note from digital media Sounds and Colors about our international tour in Europe and the UK. 

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TV snail

Note on the Caracol newscast, recognizing the international award given to Marimbea Spirit of Folk Award

Awards and recognitions at an international level 

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Spirit of Folk Award (USA)

Award given by the Folk Alliance festival of the United States, who have worked for the preservation and promotion of world folklore since 1989. The award recognizes organizations for their outstanding work in the promotion and preservation of folklore through creative, community work and with strength in leadership. 

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