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Come with us to explore the Colombian Pacific coast through a unique cultural experience!

Upcoming Dates

Marimbea Retreat - Guapi

  1. May 29th - June 3rd

  2. August 10th-15th - Humpback whales season, just before Petronio Alvarez Festival in Cali 🐋

  3. December 13th -17th

Marimbea Retreat - Tumaco

  1. August 19th-23rd - Humpback whales season, after Petronio Alvarez Festival in Cali 🐋

  2. December 18th -22th


Team building

We design tailored experiences for your team so that they have fun while strengthening Socio-Affective skills and business values.


Entertainment and learning

Customized experiences  just for you to celebrate with your friends and family. Immerse yourself in traditional music and dance with experts from the Pacific coast, anywhere in Colombia or around the world.

Our clients

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Past events

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